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The Origin

We are Catherine Vaterlaus and Ravi Shankar. We founded Shava Creation Switzerland 30 years ago based on our passion for travel, craft and cultures. During the 80s and 90s, both of us worked in the travel industry. Our travels took us all over the world from Asia to South Americas, from the middle East to North Americas. We made friends all over the world and soaked in all the culture, craft and traditions that was on offer.

Our travels exposed us to textiles, patterns, crafts andweaving heritages from around the world. Along the way we discovered and refined our passion for fine fabrics and textiles - cashmere and silk in particular. We were extremely fortunate to be able to connect with craftsmen, producers & manufacturers of cashmere and silk textiles from around the world. And so when we set-up Shava Creation Switzerland, our vision was to focus on the finest of unique cashmere and silk textiles. To develop cashmere and silk products for the Swiss and European markets by working with craftsmen from around the world.

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Shava Creation Products

Our vision has stood the test of time - and even today we continue to strive to bring you the finest and most unique cashmere and silk textiles in patterns, weaves and themes never seen before. We look back on Shava Creation’s journey over the last 3 decades with tremendo
us pride and creative satisfaction.

Pride that we have been able to maintain the highest level of quality and authenticity in an industry flooded with imitations. Creative satisfaction based on the products we have developed and markets and customers we have been able to serve. Whether it is a 100% pure cashmere shawl woven by a master weaver in Kashmir, or a handmade leather moccassin made in a family factory in Italy or a silk scarf inspired from the Roman ruins of Israel, every year we have created collections that offered our customers something new and unique.

We also pride ourselves in being the single brand in Europe with over 200 solid cashmere colors under one roof. Our challenge to you is - think of a color and we have it. Our Shava Colors collection of cashmere shawls and scarves has stood the test of time.

So when you as a customer purchase a Shava Creation product, our guarantee to you is that we can vouch for every single piece and assure you of its authenticity. Passing the Shava Creation quality test is not easy, and only products that pass the test are approved and get the Shava label. We do this because we know that our customers will measure us on the same scale.

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The Shava Philosophy

Our philosophy has been and continues to be to work with craftsmen and women at the grassroots. We work with and source directly from the creators of the products. We are a socially responsible company and practice fair trade ethics. We work with 100% natural fibres only to create high quality cashmere and silk textiles.

We design, weave and market our own products. Our products are modern and yet steeped in tradition. We have helped create many new and unique designs and products over the years. We hope you give us a chance to show you a Shava Creation product. But more than that, we hope to pass your test when you buy a Shava Creation product from us.

Live life in Shava colors - live fabulously.

To know more, contact us. Or come visit us at our Zurich or Munsingen (near Bern) stores.