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We are proud to introduce a new range of products under the Shava Wellness category. The Shava Copper Bottle and the Shava Copper Ball are made from 100% pure 16 gauge copper. Drinking water from a copper vessel is a long standing Ayurvedic practice. Health benefits attributed to drinking water stored in copper bottles includes improved digestion, may aid weight loss, slows down ageing, boosts skin health and is anti-inflammatory.

Our Copper bottles and balls come embossed with the Shava logo. Get your very own Shava Wellness products to add to your healthy lifestyle today.
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Copper-Ball Copper-Ball

Shava Creation
Pure Copper Ball

Our Price: CHF24.00
Copper-Bottle Copper-Bottle

Shava Creation
Pure Copper 16 Guage Water Bottle

Our Price: CHF54.00
Copper-Bottle-and-Ball Copper-Bottle-and-Ball

Shava Creation
Package of 1 Bottle and 2 Copper Balls

Our Price: CHF95.00