Shava Creation completes 30 years of “ …bringing colour to your Life through Cashmere and Silks”

The beginning, 30 years back was with a flash of colours and we have been relentless in our endeavours ever since, keeping very clear boundaries which have been with us from the very beginning.

The tenets followed by the House of Shava are
- Extreme high qualities of Textiles development
- 100% natural fibres only
- Sustainable development of the different weaving communities
- Fair trade ethics right from grass root level
- Reviving of fine textile making traditions
- Follow the Gandhian path of Handloom weaving

The ever expanding in-house knowledge base and the field research works are the mainstays of Shava Creation Switzerland with subsidiaries Shava Creation India based in Varanasi/India and Shava Creation Nepal in Kathmandu/Nepal.

Fine Cashmere and Silk

A socially responsible company, Shava Creation Switzerland, designs, weaves, markets and consults, the Finest in textiles namely Cashmere & Silk’s. The above is achieved by strictly practising real Sustainable & Ecological Development norms and techniques, which in this field makes it an unique company. Naturally it’s a complete Equal Gender Rights and Fair Trade organisation.

With weaving centre’s spread in different parts of India & Nepal, Shava Creation Switzerland, is the Ultimate in fine fabrics which is backed by a simple norm, that, this label never goes on Sale!!


Working at the grass-root levels, we work with master crafts people, who in turn are backed by innovative and creative inhouse design team. Shava, believes in following Traditions Creatively.

Weaves & Structures. Our weaves are very often a landmark in Cashmere and unique. Following old traditions the belief here is that “we only do the Best”


Shava is an International and Exclusive brand and are found with select stores and with direct representatives worldwide.

Our Market is divided into two parts, one being Fashion and the other being Home & Interiors. In both the markets, because of quality structures and innovativeness we have the least of competition.

We concentrate on the affluent clientele, which in turn helps us smooth running with all our social obligation’s.


Shava Creation Switzerland, consults Life style to the elite, organisations or bespoke individuals.